We’ve got your Sheet Membranes and Waterproofing needs covered.

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Membranes and Accessories

  • Sheet Membranes and Waterproofing
  • ProBase® Ready-to-tile Shower Base Kits
  • PRO-SLOPE™ Pre-slope products
  • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Accessories

The Complete Shower Install.


Sheet Membranes/Waterproofing

Dependable Waterproofing, Sound Reduction, and Crack Isolation membranes for tile installations.

shower pan liner

Shower Pan Liner

Features Superior performance. Guaranteed for the life of the installation. Made of premium CPE.

PRO-SLOPE™, pre-slopes

PRO-SLOPE™ Pre-Slopes

Creates code required slope under a full mortar bed shower pan. Saves time and reduces the risk of fungus, mold and odor.

ProBase®, shower bases

ProBase® Shower Bases

A composite shower base that is sloped to the drain, creating a code rquired slope. Waterproof and ready-to-tile.

adhesives, accessories

Adhesives and Accessories

Products to save you time and money.

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