Origins of bronte™

A (brief) History…

Founded in 1834, bronte began as a small fishing village at the mouth of Twelve Mile Creek.  The name bronte was chosen as a tribute to the British Navel hero, Horatio Nelson, who was made Duke of bronte by King Ferdinand III of Sicily.  Bronte’s etymological root is the Greek word βροντη which means thunder.

By 1856, bronte was a busy Lake Ontario port, exporting wheat, building ships, and developing a thriving commercial fishery and stonehooking industry (boats would gather stone slabs from shallow waters near the shore by hooking them from Lake Ontario for use in construction).  Bronte’s first harbour was completed in 1856.

Today, bronte is a thriving coastal community located in Oakville on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario.  This community is home to our Corporate Office, and is the birthplace of the new Collection.

The logo, with its stylized “b” in the shape of a water droplet, evokes Water.  Contemporary Styling.  Quality.  Timelessness.